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   We have always enjoyed nature and the outdoors so welcome all creatures to Mill Creek Farm. With plenty of water and shelter the farm is a perfect place for all kinds of wildlife.

Deer always seem to be around and in the fall they go for the berries on the trees around the house.
These guys just showed up one day and decided that the place was pretty nice so why not stay! The horses don't seem to mind sharing a bit of their grain and the foals entertain themselves by harmlessly stalking them as they wander through the pastures.  The turkeys have become quite tame and took a liking to Debra straight away. Could have something to do with the fact that she does all the feeding at the farm.... Their feathers have taken on quite a glow from all that good nutrition.



Not sure which birds the horses find more entertaining, the turkeys or the large flock of Canada geese that have been nesting at the farm for years. The spring brings baby geese everywhere and family groups grazing alongside the horses.


 And then this little guy just appeared on the driveway one spring afternoon. He is a grey fox and at the time Debra found him he was estimated to be 6 weeks old.  We only had him overnight, but instantly fell in love before we handed him off the next day to Gary Johnson a wild life rehabilitator that specializes in foxes. We have heard he is doing great and when he is ready to be released, Gary will be bringing him back to set him free here at Mill Creek Farm.

Robin guarding her nest



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